Friday, May 31, 2013

Before 'After Earth'

Coming to a theater near you today, latest Fresh Prince of Bel Air blockbuster aspirant, After Earth.

Judging from the trailer the premise laid out in the short preview appears to be: Humanity fled the planet a millennium earlier—presumably due to having screwed it up to the point where it was nigh-uninhabitable—and now the elder and younger Smith men are on a space ship that crashes to our species' point of origin. The flora and fauna have flourished in our absence. Then we see the two humans battling CGI animals who understandably see them as prey,  interspersed between scene snippets with the tag line "Danger is real. Fear is a choice."

I must admit that leaves me uninterested in seeing the movie, but I have to imagine that were I to sit through it I'd spend the entire time rooting for the animals to just lay waist to our intrepid protagonists (and undoubtedly being disappointed by the ending). It's not that I have anything against Will or Jaden—they're perfectly affable actors—and that attitude seems like rather egregious misanthropy—because it is—but given that our species was almost certainly the culprits for what the plants and animals had recover from*, it seems specious to think the avatars for us deserve to considered "heroes" for whom we're pulling.

It wouldn't be much of a film if five minutes after they crash they're wiped out, I know. That's why it's coming to a theater near you, but not near me.


* Lest this seem more like an ecological screed, I should clarify how dim my opinion of my fellow man can be at times. Almost certainly some idiot near me in the theater would be talking, making me wish the creatures would jump off the screen and lay waste to him. And don't get me started on the moron who cut me off in the parking lot...

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