Sunday, April 22, 2012

Learning about Canada from HGTV

So earlier we turned on the TV and it happened to be on HGTV (the network has turned into our throw-it-on-in-the-background channel) and the show airing was Property Virgins, a show about people buying their first homes (the appeal of which, I suppose, is to be educational for others in the same situation and to offer the naïveté of the newbies up for the condescending amusement for everyone else).

This particular episode was a clip show (according to the info from the DirecTV guide) called "Best Of: Fresh Start" and the opening segment featured a couple looking to purchase a house in Toronto. Near the beginning they did interview pieces with both the husband and wife where they listed the things they desired in their dream home.

The producers then spliced those interviews back and forth with one from each member of the couple, and split the screen to display the items mentioned on the left side, including modern architecture, two to three bedrooms, a finished basement...

Oh, did I write "finished basement"? As the capture above shows, I should have spelled it in what I presume must be the Canadian variation, "finsihed."

I need to commend the producers of Property Virgins for not merely about getting insight into home buying but also widening our linguistic horizons about the goings-on north of the border regarding our shared language.

So, I guess we're finished--er, I mean finsihed--here.

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