Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Internet: The Simpsons do not live in Oregon

So Simpsons creator Matt Groening admitted in an interview that the inspiration for the name of the town where the fictional family came from the town of Springfield in his home state of Oregon. Given that he named the family on the show after his real life family, it's not surprising he didn't stretch that far for the moniker of the place where they live.

The name.

However, then the internet went apeshit claiming that Groening had revealed the Simpsons lived in Oregon, rather than merely that he came up with the name from the location in the Pacific Northwest.

For decades people have speculated where Springfield must be, but that overlooks the point that IT'S A FUCKING CARTOON. It is Anytown, U.S.A., and therefore cannot be any actual town. But people (and apparently a fair amount of journalists) didn't bother to read the interview, and thus delight in deluding themselves that something important was revealed.

And I can already envision the arguments that will ensue where the great unwashed masses who heard the misreporting thinking they "know" the facts.

So when you hear someone claim the Simpsons' Springfield is in Oregon, just shake your head and walk away; that person is a lost cause.

There will be a lot of them; don't bother trying to edify them. But know that they're wrong.

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  1. Anyone who's been to Oregon would know that the Simpsons don't live there, not with that blue sky and the white puffy clouds. Has to be the midwest. Like, Illinois. ;-)


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