Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preparing for the future direction of the U.S.

We cannot get our country moving in the right direction because: a) we cannot agree on what the right direction is, and b) a lot of people in power are willing to ruin everything as long as it thwarts what the other side supports.

Stock up on canned goods and fresh water, ladies and gentlemen, and get a "Mandarin for Dummies" book to read in your basement or bomb shelter. You'll need to be able to converse with who's around when you emerge.


  1. Ha, reminds me of the Onion infographic "What Are We Hoarding?" http://www.theonion.com/articles/what-are-we-hoarding,7168/
    I think the vast majority of people know what's right for the country, but election laws (and the lack of term limits) protect the current idiots who hold power. And once in power, they tend to rig the system to suit themselves and stay in power. The next person to finally take that seat has no real incentive to change the system. Hence gridlock. I wouldn't say multiparty parliaments are better than the two-party system here, but I notice there are many more multiparty parliaments than systems like the United States, where election laws are designed to favor Democrats and Republicans, and to keep third parties off the ballot.

    I agree, learn Mandarin and Cantonese. And keep plenty of food, water and ammunition. We do.

  2. The primary purpose of those in power is staying in power; it's only their ostensible purpose to have the public think they're serving the public. The only thing wrong with government: everyone we put there is a politician, no matter how they started out.


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