Sunday, September 04, 2011

Chopped at the Panda Express

If you have ever been to the Chinese ("Chinese") fast food restaurant Panda Express and seen the chopsticks next to the forks, napkins and soy sauce packets and found yourself wondering, Who uses those to eat at freakin' Panda Express?, I have found such a person.

I do.

I'm not doing it to be pretentious at all. I do prefer the chopsticks when eating Chinese food, regardless of the level of quality.

Also, the forks offered are so paltry that attempting to spear a stir-fried broccoli flouret is impossible. I know, because the one time they were out of chopsticks and I had to attempt that with one of their plastic forks, I had to resort to using my fingers.

Chopsticks are an extension of the fingers, but ones where you don't have to try to wipe all that sauce off.

Also, I figure it prudent to be prepared for when the Chinese come to collect on the debt our country owes to them, and chopsticks are the only allowable implements for eating with.


I do grab a fork as well (because eating rice off a Styrofoam tray with chopsticks gets to be more trouble than it's worth after a while).
Gotta get that in while I still can.

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