Monday, August 29, 2011

VMO from the VMA's

It's never been our inclination to watch the VMA's, but last night we did flip by and catch a little bit of the broadcast. A large part of why we don't watch it stems from how we don't really follow contemporary pop music like we used to, and don't feel the need to see a bunch of artists with whom we are unfamiliar accept awards for songs we never heard in the first place. That is not something we would actively choose to spend our TV-watching time on.

But still keeping up with pop culture to some extent we weren't above having it on in the background when there wasn't really anything else on.

It's not that being in touch with what's going on with the music scene is something we aspire to do anymore, but having some level of doing so in our younger days it's difficult to not feel old by complete lack of familiarity with even the names of these nominees. (Sure, we are old, but we're not so old that we are ready to embrace that fully.)

So when the nominees for the vaunted Video of the Year were announced, the fact that I had at least heard of two of the five nominated songs (not that I'd seen the videos, but making a quip about how no one sees videos on MTV is so hackneyed as to not bother with), and I'd heard at least part of the two of the five songs in question (from what I happen to catch of the radio), I must admit I had a split-second of quasi-jubilation over feeling that I was only 60% out of it.

Which may not sound so good, but factored against being 100% out of it, 60% is not so bad.

(Granted, true maturity is undoubtedly achieved when one doesn't mind being 100% out, but let's not start the argument that true maturity has any place in contemporary society.)

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