Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Debt ceilings, and 2012 in that swamp by the Potomac

The more I think about the debt ceiling debacle in our government (the abject inability of the participants to achieve the goal without putting us at the brink, whether you like its outcome or not), the more I envy dictatorial regimes. Sure, they're horrible to live under, but at least there's no delusion that the government is supposed to be working for you.

Or perhaps, through reinforced mass brainwashing, the delusion that the government does work for you effectively makes you believe it does.

Nothing is as depressing as utopian rumination.


Sure, the poor economy is not a positive harbinger for the President in 2012, but more and more I wonder: Why the hell would Obama want to be re-elected? Congress is against him, what he's tried to do that he thought was good was roundly spun to seem bad, and his personality and compromising tendencies clearly are out of step with what it takes to actually get done what presumably he'd want to get done in the current political climate; why would he want to subject himself to another four years of this?

He probably feels obligated to, and perhaps believes that if he sticks with it the American public will come around, but even at my most delusional I have a hard time believing that.

Of course, the Republicans seem to have the ideal situation for them—a polarizing executive to take the blame for the crappy economy who will give them whatever they want because he isn't crazy in the way they are. Why would they want one of their own in the Oval Office from 2013 to 2016, being the target for the ire directed at what's likely to still be a crappy economy?

There's so little about politics that makes any sense. How did this catch on as the way to run a government?

Oh, right. For those who engage in it, it beats working for a living, and for the rest of us we are unwilling to put up with its shit.

But we can find solace in knowing that no matter how bad it is now, we'll think it's much worse in the future.


  1. Simple - the guy has an ego the size of Al Gore's Montecito mansion. That was really his only qualification for the job... it certainly wasn't his experience. ;-)

  2. Come on, Marvin: Saying politicians have egos is akin to saying humans breathe air.

    But why would anyone want to breathe and preside?


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