Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweetgum Project 2.0 (so far)

Updating my interested readers that over on the photo site the Sweetgum Project 2.0 is well underway. I explained in this post what happened with the Sweetgum Project 1.0 and why 2.0 had to start, but now let's see how 2.0 is going.

Here's a particular branch on another American Sweetgum tree in my building's courtyard area, and how it looked when photographed on the day noted below each picture, showing how it changed from week to week.

There's a lot more shots of the Sweetgums over on the photo site. Click on the date below each picture to see more shots from that day, or just click here to see the all the posts for the whole project (so far).

Keep checking the photo site for further updates.

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  1. Very cool! Much better than the life of a plastic bag caught in a tree. ;-)


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