Thursday, February 15, 2007

Below the awards

Hollywood/Highland station on L.A.'s Red Line (its "only subway").
(Click here to read a bit about what the designers had in mind.)

This is the station directly below the Kodak Theatre, where, of course the Oscars will be held next weekend. (Notice how I'm sort of tying this in with the other post from today--don't get your expectations up that this will happen again.) To give you some idea of what level of influence that has in this town, on the day of the telecast, not only will Hollywood Blvd. be barricaded (and covered with red carpet), but this station will be closed (I presume that means trains simply will not stop there). Not merely during the show. All day.

That's right. The Oscars will shut down mass transit in Los Angeles.
(Oh wait. That should have been the lead. Man, I'm not good at this. No wonder I don't work in television news.)


  1. Doug:

    Good shot -- but where was security? Don't get me wrong - I don't think shots inside a subway are going to make it easier to terrorists to attack. But as I've mentioned before, here in podunk Plattsburgh, NY, I've been hassled by the cops for taking shots, none of them as potentially "security sensitive" as your photo.


  2. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to flood a space that big with enough... well, let's not be too specific... to knock out everyone. Nearly made me late for work.

    The gas mask also draws some stares on the train once I board, but it draws attention away from the camera.

    I've said too much already.


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