Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jacaranda-palooza, part 8

[If you're just discovering this feature, go back to part 1 for what passes for an explanation.]

More pictures I've taken around Southern California of the sub-tropical tree known by its genus, the jacaranda. (Click on them. Do it.)

In the neighborhoods at the base of the Hollywood hills
(notice a certain landmark in the background) I risked life and limb
to stand in the street to get this shot (notice also the oncoming car).

The north side of the park around the (somewhat redundantly named)
La Brea Tar Pits has a number of jacaranda planted there.
(Notice the statues of sloths in the background, lower right.)

A close-up shot of the purple flowers, this time on a tree in Inglewood.
Yes, that white speck near the center is the moon.
(One day I'll get a camera with a more powerful lens.)

Continued (at least once more) in part 9...


  1. The picture with the moon is probably your finest shot yet. I am impressed! But please don't get yourself killed for the sake of this project!

  2. Doug,

    Your photography is just fabulous! All of your work looks very professional! I'm looking forward to your next project!


  3. Thanks, Elinor. Be sure to check out the photo site when you have some free time.


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