Thursday, March 30, 2006

Participating in the world, while completely wasting your time

Help Esquire magazine pick the Best Song of the 21st Century, if you like.

Well, you can choose from what they consider the ones to be considered. (Of those they offered, I had to go with Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" over Jay-Z's "99 Problems".)

You'd think, with 94 years to go, it's a bit early to determine what the best song will be, but hey, why wait to the last minute?


  1. 3-way tie: Radiohead+Cash+Kanye. I swear there were a few more decent songs released prior to 2002, were there not? I think I'm being cheated out of my $7.97/year.

  2. I could make comparisons between this simple on-line poll and our system of electing public officials (I could have sworn there were more that a couple dozen songs written since Jan 1, 2000)...


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