Friday, March 17, 2006

It's not shamrocks, exactly...

You've undoubtedly seen plenty of green today. Shamrocks a go-go.

At the office they had green bagels--I passed on those, myself; not only was the hue unappetizing, but I don't like to support the notion that adding food coloring to any food somehow makes it "Irish".

Something I did not expect to find at the office in commemoration of the patron saint of Ireland is shown below.

That is a picture of one of the urinals in the mens room on my floor. (Don't worry--it's been flushed.)

(Ladies, here's your chance to see what you're missing in your restrooms.)

Notice the splash guard located in the bowl portion. More specifically, notice the color of the splash guard. In the year and a half I've worked on this particular floor, the splash guard in the urinals has always been white. Every day, be it holiday or not.

Today, there were green. Erin go bragh, everyone.

(Yes, I took my camera in there to snap this shot. That's my level of dedication to you, the reader. At least to those who bothered to scroll this far.)

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