Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Woof, woof

A few months ago, as my mother-in-law was watching our toddler son (while he was home from daycare due to a fever), she taught him the sound dogs make. Presumably this was from a book we have that also has buttons corresponding to animal sounds, where the dog sound is one of them.

Now when he sees a dog on TV he (at least some of the time) says "woof, woof" (or more accurately, "wuhf, wuhf"). Given that we don't have any pets it was particularly interesting he could identify them and remember that.

On a recent Saturday afternoon we were at a little shopping center and he saw some people with a dog and he did the "woof, woof" sound. We commended him for this.

Later we walked by a pond in the middle of the center where there were a couple ducks. Once he saw them, without missing a beat, He said "woof, woof."


I tried to tell him the ducks make the sound "quack, quack," but he wasn't paying attention to that; he repeated "woof, woof" as he looked at the ducks. One of the ducks swam over somewhat near us (clearly not afraid of humans), which only fascinated him more.

To be fair, the ducks made no sound while we were around them, and the one did come toward us a little, so we cannot say for certain these ducks didn't say "woof" or at least respond to it.

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