Friday, March 21, 2014

Noah... right

When I see trailers for the upcoming Russell Crowe film telling the story of Noah, looking like a big-budget action flick, I am not interested.

 It's not that I have anything against the Biblical subject matter; it's that it doesn't appear to be based on the best source material out there: Bill Cosby's stand-up on his 1963 album Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow – Right!

In that Noah is a bit... incredulous... upon hearing from the Lord about being told to build the Ark. Somehow I don't get the impression that's how Crowe will play it.

Here's Bill performing it thanks to the wonder of YouTube:

You and me, Lord…


Let me know when they've made that movie. (Oh, like Hollywood wouldn't take that and screw it up.)

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  1. You want real entertainment (as in a funny train wreck way)? Check this out:

    Noah's Ark, 1999 TV movie. Jon Voight hams it up again but not as bad as Anaconda. See James Colburn as The Peddler - in two difference senses of the word. (I didn't know The Peddler was a character in the Bible.) The Ark comes complete with its own drop down deck like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars. See Lot who becomes an evil pirate after his wife is turned into salt. (Was the pirate bit also in the Bible?) See Noah's wife hold up a jar with male and female tapeworms, asking why they have to be saved... (Hey God knows what he's doing.)


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