Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our hopeless, Affleck-ted species

I'm not saying that signing a petition to prevent Ben Affleck from portraying Batman is the best way to prove our species is undeserving of our intellect and ostensible role as dominant on the planet, but it probably does a pretty good job of suggesting it.

Come on, nerds--this is why you have blogs.

p.s. Youngsters:  It didn't work against Michael Keaton 24 years ago either.

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  1. OK, this one is dated August 27 so I'm getting close to being caught up.

    As for Ben Affleck - did you see the Daredevil movie? If he becomes Batman, the multiverse is gravely imperiled!!

    I want to thank you for stopping by and keeping up with my own blog. I know that with Blogger if you don't use word verification/CAPTCHA you get spammed but commenting with that system is a pain. So to make it easier for you and others I have an email just for comments to my blog: ray.x.comments@gmail.com . Easier on the eyes and brain than squinting at distorted letters and numbers.


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