Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Not that we needed further proof that I am old but...

Chris Rock has a good routine about how a father's only job is to keep his daughter "off the pole" (that is, to prevent her from becoming a stripper). Having unintentionally seen a few minutes of a new MTV reality show called BUCKWILD (yes, apparently in all caps like that), which appears to be a cross between Jackass (as they do stupid stunts) and Jersey Shore (in that it's a group of regulars getting drunk and hooking up)--two shows I only unintentionally saw bits of--but set somewhere in West Virginia, I have a new standard for parenting excellence: Having one's children not end up on a show like BUCKWILD.

At least strippers can claim to be doing it to put themselves through college.

For all the West Virginian parents whose young adult offspring are not on that show, please accept my sincere congratulations.


At this rate I shudder to think what the nature of reality TV may be in the 2030's, by the time any children my wife and I eventually may have grow to that age.

I embrace middle age and its fuddy-duddy proclivities. It's responsible parenting (even before one has anything to parent).


Am I being judgmental? Fuck yes, I'm being judgmental. If that's not the point of what these sorts of shows are tacitly or overtly seeking to elicit, I don't know what the hell they are doing.

I suppose I should attempt to find some take on the show that isn't so obvious, that points out there's plenty of idiots in their 20's (or older—younger goes without saying) in all 50 states doing equally moronic things and these ones are merely the ones who got on TV, but I cannot bring myself to give it even that level of contemplation.

Everything the young have been doing for decades (if not millennia) has made the older generation think society is just going to hell, and although I grasp this is ultimately no worse than all the dipshit stuff that has preceded it I must still offer my congratulations to MTV: You've finally hit upon the crap that makes me look at the young and simply shake my head incredulously and change the channel.

And never allow my television to display another second of any programming MTV airs. There will never be anything for me.

They won't miss me. We'll both live separately just fine, I'm sure.

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