Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Some election day thoughts

Above is a shot of all of the election-related mail we received just over the last couple weeks. Regardless of which candidates and propositions get the most votes, the winner is the print shops who were hired by the campaigns.


Get out and vote. You only get so many opportunities for your ignorance and personal biases to influence the running of the country; don't squander them.


Democracy's greatest flaw may be that it values the opinion of the uninformed voter equally with the vote of a highly informed voter.

Democracy's greatest myth may be that there is (or ever has been) such a thing a highly informed voter.


The system that encourages politicians to tell the public what they want to hear to get elected irrespective of whether what the people want to hear seems a specious basis for governing, but it's what makes us feel better about being governed thusly, therefore it is the best system.


People who are dismayed at political apathy should not be saddened by the percentage of potential voters who actually vote; they should be delighted that there are so many people who do vote despite the way things turn out after the election. Regardless of who gets elected, it's difficult for anyone to look at our government and think: Yes, this is going very well. 

Yet some people still vote. Take comfort in that.

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