Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Problems of the internet age: Olympics humor edition

At some moment over the weekend, after seeing my wife search on our TV box for Olympics coverage by typing in the term "XXX" and noticing the results in the guide were listed as "XXX Summer Olympics" I'd been meaning to make the rather obvious quip about that on the blog/Facebook/Twitter. In fact, I likely would have conceded it as being so obvious that I'd have phrased it thusly: "I'm not the only one who looks at 'XXX Summer Olympics' and thinks the events should be ones unfit to be shown on network TV, right?" However, being one who doesn't live on those sites (and who had his computer die a week ago and has had to devote time to getting a new one up to speed), that thought merely ran through my mind, escaping out the other side without inspiring me to actually go to the computer and put it out there.

(As noted in the last post, this is an era when such things must be shared, mustn't they?)

Then I saw Monday night's Daily Show where Jon Stewart made a joke about that same misinterpretation of Roman numerals as "triple X" and I thought, Well, it's now officially too late for me to go with what I'd thought. Even though mine conceded its lack of originality, I was merely assuming that at the time (I hadn't seen it but the internet's a big place; someone must have). But once a joke's been on DS, the window of opportunity for making it has closed (in my mind), even if that joke was about how it must have been made.

All there is left at that point is to lament one's lack of being in step with the times (skeptical that most would pick up on the irony without pointing it out parenthetically).


After lamenting failing to make the "XXX" joke before Jon Stewart above I now have something to salvage it:

"XXX Summer Olympics"? Aren't those what happen after the athletes are done competing and the Olympic Village turns into a massive orgy?

Surely NBC would charge extra for that.


Should have quit while I was behind; I know.

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