Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Go, Kings, go.

Working late this evening (because the wife wouldn't be home until late due to a work function) I was walking through downtown to the train after the Kings' Stanley Cup final game had finished. Had they won it would have clinched the franchise's first title. I'd looked up the score on my phone, but even if I hadn't I could have told from the solemn looks on the faces of those in Kings' jerseys that the Devils had taken game 4.

Of course, the Kings are still up 3 games to 1 in the series, and need only win one out of the next three to hoist the Cup. Now the series shifts back to New Jersey for game 5, and as they're undefeated on the road in the playoffs this year, so it's cause for cautious optimism.

Still, to have won it in front of the long-suffering home crowd would have been pretty awesome. But the fans were out in force tonight.

And people say L.A. doesn't get excited for its sports teams.


There were many of them on the train, which made that much more crowded at the late hour than ordinarily it would be.

And people say Angelinos never take public transportation.


If one wonders why I wasn't following the score during the game while I was still at work, it's rather simple: I have not watched the Kings win any of their games this playoffs; I feared I might jinx them if I were paying attention during the action (but apparently I jinxed them by not—superstition is so tricky).

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