Monday, May 21, 2012

Roaming to Roemer

On a recent Common Sense podcast, host Dan Carlin interviewed independent presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, who talked frankly about the corruption in Washington and how campaign finance reform would be his primary issue if he were elected.

It all sounded very good, but as one who was political jaded before I could even vote I am hard pressed to muster the belief that Roemer wouldn't be ripped to proverbial shreds by the campaign machines of both of the major parties—especially in light of how his campaign would be based on fixing the problems that are so beneficial to them. They'd find some skeleton (or merely concoct one that would prove effectively dissuading to the easily influenced). That I wouldn't want any decent person to have to endure.

It's very difficult to believe that there are enough smart people in this country who aren't already in the pocket of the Democrats or the Republicans. It's nigh-impossible to think that people really want what's best for the whole country; they want their side to win and choose to believe that's what's best for everybody.

Who'd want to preside over that?

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