Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking up with 2 Broke Girls

Really, girls--it's over.
It's Monday and I know what I won't be doing tonight: watching any more episodes of the new sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Now that I've given up on the show I must admit it is comforting.

Going in to this fall's TV season I was flummoxed about how Whitney Cummings—a comedian whose act I did not care for—could be involved in creating her eponymous sitcom (which looked hideous) and the aforementioned one (which seemed like it could have potential, although that was mostly due to the actress starring in it, Kat Dennings). The incongruity of this was subconsciously troubling.

So now, after having seen all three episodes of 2 Broke Girls and having seen at least most of the first two episodes of Whitney that have aired so far, I can rest easier and never bother with either, because neither is the sort of show that appeals to me. (Sadly, I must admit that I've come closer to laughing during Whitney.)

There is no cognitive dissonance to resolve regarding someone I don't think is funny having two shows and one of them being funny, because neither is.

My condolences to Ms. Dennings, as 2 Broke Girls has already been picked up for a full season, so she's stuck with that crap until at least next spring. She deserves better, but hey, every actor makes some bad choices, and those bad ones don't always get cancelled to let the actor off the hook.

And if TV execs mistakenly start thinking they should allow Ms. Cummings to create more shows, I'll know ahead of time: Don't even bother.

Thank you, TV. Order is restored. And this frees up my Monday night viewing after How I Met Your Mother to get to something... anything... else.

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  1. I think I saw five seconds of that show, long enough to say "nope" and flip to the next channel. I just know when a show's going to suck, and that was an easy one to spot.


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