Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Palin email obsession = media desperation

The media dud that was the release of old Sarah Palin emails (that came out earlier this week in response to a Freedom of Information Act request), where teams of journalists pored over the boxes of printed electronic correspondence (how green!) to try to find some juicy detail and came up with nothing interesting, and failing.

This may suggest the former governor was presciently savvy when it came to what she composed that she carefully eschewed including anything that could be used against her later, or it may suggest her folksy  persona is not an act, and she is really not that interesting.

But what it almost certainly proves: The mainstream media's fascination with these emails from her stems from a desperate need to prove they haven't been obsessed with someone who is not at all deserving of that level of attention from them; to prove they haven't been wasting everyone's time.

The lesson here: The best defense against public scrutiny is leading a dull life.


What I can say definitively: Had somehow I been selected by John McCain as his 2008 running mate (just go with it) and the media become fascinated with me in this same way, it's clear that by this point they'd have grown so weary of these ramblings that no one would dare make any FOIA requests—except maybe to not see anything I'd written.

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  1. Every decade needs an Al Capone's Vault to illustrate journalists' stupidity. What's fun is that they found so many journalists this time around to play Geraldo's role.


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