Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Playing it safe

Shows like Ice Road Truckers or Deadliest Catch and others of that ilk do not make me fancy that I, sitting on the sofa watching*, could engage in such dangerous professions. They make me appreciate my humble desk job—which would not make for an entertaining reality show no matter how much they manipulated the footage—all the more.

You'll notice that when I write, I never touch on the nuts and bolts of the activities involved with how I make a living. That is no coincidence.

(Heck, it's only by stretching and a tongue-in-cheek tone** that the thoughts I have when I'm not working can prove remotely worthy of being written down—and that's a matter of dubious justification, even under the best of circumstances.)

I take some solace in believing I know what level of attention the rest of the world should pay to me, and not demanding any.

But if you read this, I do appreciate the time you devoted to li'l ol' me. Seriously.


* I've only ever actually seen the commercials, but I like to think I got the gist of the shows from those. That's enough, right?

** Not that this post has much of that tone, but many of the other posts do. Well, I like to think they do, but... This isn't helping, is it? 


  1. Actually, it doesn't really matter what you do, because any money you make is just going to pay for other people to loaf. ;-)

    I talk about my work only as an example of some moral dilemma. It's not like work is that interesting, really.

  2. Ever have a boss who used you to make himself look good? Amazing how many assholes end up being in charge because they only have two talents: exploiting others and taking all the credit.

  3. Ray, you've read my blog. If I cannot make myself look good here what makes you think I could make a boss look good? [g]


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