Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling all right about not feeling all right

Watching The Kids Are All Right (on DVD) recently, with Mark Ruffalo's character of the new age-y lothario, it seemed like one of the sub-themes was how a lesbian couple who would have been a source of derision in past times were instead derisive toward his I'm-okay-you're-okay attitude.

The only thing people find more appalling than a judgmental jerk is someone who strives to refrain from judgments.

(I leave it up to you to decide whether I'm being judgmental about that or not.)


Taking the high road just makes you seem like a condescending asshole. You may fancy it seems admirable; likely that's only in your own mind.


Wow, but I'm making people sound hideously insecure, and egad but how we hate having that pointed out.


The extent to which many espouse the notion of live-and-let-live relies on the extent that we allow others to live lives different from ours because: a) we grasp the need to acknowledge the golden rule, and b) it allows us something about which we can complain, something to judge and feel better about ourselves.

Hell may be other people but Heaven is not a place where everyone is exactly like us.


  1. I agree, I respect a person more for taking a position, even if it's an opposing position, rather than if they avoid taking a position.

  2. How do you feel about having a position of not really caring one way or another, Marvin?


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