Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reality check

When it comes to shows like The Hills or The Real Housewives of Some City/County/State, watching the carefully edited adventures of the affluent and self-absorbed is supposed to be justified by one of the following responses:

a) one is guiltily entertained by their vapid stupidity, their foibles accented through manipulation by the producers, while simultaneously envying their affluence and photogenic features; or

b) one finds one's self unwittingly inspired to want to punch everyone on screen square in the face, regardless of gender or age.

That's the point, right?


  1. In my experience, B. is definitely the point for most reality programs.

    And yes, square in the face.


  2. Regarding B:

    We need trans-interactive TV! I want to reach through the screen and sucker punch all those annoying people on the other side.

    Have you seen those Comcast ads starring Ben Stein and Shaq O'Neal handcuffed together? They're on 24/7! INSUFFERABLE! MUST SMASH! DESTROY!!

    On second thought, let's pass on trans-interactive TV...



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