Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too much

The exception to the periods of just kind of looking at the TV (from the previous posting) is when we watch something in which we are genuinely interested. And despite there being six nights on which those who set the programming schedule can place their shows (Sunday - Friday; Saturday being out), it still happens that of the few network shows that fall into that category, many coincide on just two of those nights.

Thank goodness for DVR technology, yes.

However, the DVR we have only records two shows simultaneously. During one particular hour of programming on one particular evening (Monday at 8:00, if you must know), there are programs on three separate channels which we actively would like to watch.

Thus, we are forced to pick the one least important to us and record the other two, and then to hope to be able to stream the missed program from the network's website later (assuming it is available). And even then, watching an entire hour program on a laptop is not the ideal viewing method.

Yes, obviously there are ways of increasing the number of shows that can be recorded, or ways of setting up a means of watching internet content on a TV, but we do not have those (nor are we inclined to spend money to get them just for one show).

It just kind of figures that the powers that be at the networks can't anticipate what we would want to watch and not put these shows in the same time slot.

I'm just sayin'.


No, I have no real problems.

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