Thursday, April 27, 2006

An open letter to the people who sent me that email purporting to be Chase Bank

To whom it may concern,

As Chase has bought out pretty much all the other credit card companies, it is not difficult to find people who have their cards. I am one. However, while I think the reason my spam filter keeps catching your attempts to alert me to possible fraudulent activity with my account is because you send the same message to so many others, I know the reason I think it's a hoax is I have to suspect someone at that organization would know that it's not spelled posible.

I believe you are nefarious little bastards who should suffer immeasurably, but if you must attempt to perform identity theft, at least take the extra ten seconds and run spell check. Give us some challenge.

The only thing worse than criminals is stupid criminals. And no, not speaking English is not an excuse.

Incredulously yours,

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